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Why Use Infrared Thermal Imaging by ACE Thermal Imaging?

Infrared Thermography is relatively new technology that ACE Thermal Imaging uses to investigate defects or create base line analyses in a wide variety of applications with little or no destructive testing, electrical interruptions, or mechanical shut-downs involved. Destructive testing is a process where building, electrical, or mechanical components are removed in an effort to search for defects that are causing heat loss or excess friction in the target area. In some instances, destructive testing can involve removal of an entire wall, roof section, window frame, etc before a source of the defect can be discovered, if discovered at all. This can be a major inconvenience to business operations.

thermal imageInfrared Thermography is a nondestructive testing technique that detects many of the defects in a matter of minutes without the cost and inconvenience involved with destructive testing. Infrared Thermography isolates the defect so that destructive testing can be eliminated or reduced to smaller areas of the building, saving time, hassle and money.

We also offer a Condition Monitoring program to historically track components in your home, office, industry, or marine application. This program will show which electrical, mechanical, or structural components are deteriorating prematurely or under higher operating temperatures than optimal. This type of preventative maintenance can save you money and productivity and assist in repairs or shutdowns, as well as the obvious benefit of energy savings. Being able to repair something before it breaks - on your schedule and not unexpectedly can have a significant positive impact on your operations.

ACE Thermal Imaging Infrared Thermographers Neal Andrew and Tommy Webster are Certified Thermographers and received their certification from The Infrared Training Center in Boston, MA (operated by FLIR). All Thermal Scan surveys can be reviewed and sealed by a Professional Engineer or a Registered Architect.