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Residential Infrared Thermal Services

ACE Thermal Imaging provides the technology and data to detect problems or insure quality construction in your residence. Our services are essential for home owners, residential property managers, insurance companies, real estate brokers and contractors. Our infrared cameras can uncover faults on the interior and exterior of homes and apartments and condominiums without needing to remove interior or exterior finishes.

Thermography, also called thermal imaging, is the production of non-contact infrared or “heat” pictures from which temperature measurements can be made. Handheld or fix-mounted infrared cameras scan equipment or structures, then instantly convert the thermal images to pictures for monitoring or quantitative temperature analysis. By detecting anomalies mostly invisible to the naked eye, thermal imaging gives you the information you need to take corrective action before a costly system failure occurs.

thermal image shows sediment in piping

In this image a plumbing leak invisible to the eye is readily apparent in the thermal image

For example, for residential clients, ACE Thermal Imaging:

  • can locate and document heat loss and cold air infiltration in walls ceilings, floors, doors and windows (energy audit)
  • inspect the condition of the electrical, mechanical and roof systems for maintenance and efficiency
  • locate water intrusion or moisture problems
  • determine the presence of pest infestation
  • quickly assess the possibility of mold contaminants
  • provide you with accurate temperature variations
  • provide you the visible images of your infrared inspection to use for documentation and corrective action decisions

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Home Owners / Residential Property Managers

ACE Thermal Imaging provides homeowners and residential property managers with a diagnostic scan and thorough reports aimed at pre- and post-construction efficiency. Clear infrared images of normally invisible diagnostic evidence carry invaluable information prior to far-reaching decision-making, ranging from the costly roofing or façade repair of a row houses to major investment project decisions.

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Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can use data gathered by an infrared camera to provide convincing evidence in property damage settlements. In addition, regular inspection of the building and its facilities allows the insured party often to obtain a substantial discount on the insurance contract.

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Real Estate Agents

ACE Thermal Imaging can provide agents an added service for their clients. Our thermal scans and reports can assure home buyers of a property’s energy efficiency, the presence of hidden moisture problems or insect infestations, and a review of electrical and mechanical systems. All this information goes beyond what is typically provided by a home inspector.

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Building Contractors, Experts and Specialists

The building sector is faced with utilization of new materials, a growing set of building regulations, ever-shorter time frames to get the job done and, in some regions, a lack of a skilled workforce. The Thermal Scan provided by ACE Thermal Imaging enables you to clearly document the status of repair, restoration, insulation, electrical systems or HVAC component performance. Thermal images show customers and clients the exact problem and prove to them that the problem has been repaired correctly. This evidence adds value to the contractor’s skill and expertise. The infrared camera expands the range of services offered by building sector specialists. Utilizing a Thermal Scan before every building valuation, transaction, or major HVAC/Electrical/Plumbing repair maximizes value and minimizes costs.

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