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Marine Infrared Thermal Scans

What is Marine Infrared Thermal Scanning?

Have you ever had a problem with your vessel while at sea? Do you know the condition of your boatís electrical and mechanical systems? Does your vessel have any structural defects or damage? An infrared marine inspection can ease your mind and answer these questions for you. Infrared thermography of a vessel can detect serious faults such as damaged fiberglass gel coat, loose electrical connectors, faulty electrical systems, and failing engine components.

Who is it best for?

Marine Thermal Scans benefit:

  • recreational markets including small craft and yachts
  • commercial markets which include tourist and passenger vessels, workboats, charter fishing boats, and shipping vessels
  • marinas
  • shipping terminals
  • manufacturing

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How does marine infrared thermal scanning work? What do I get?

ACE Thermal Imaging will provide a quick and accurate survey of your vesselís structural and mechanical condition. You will receive an infrared Thermal Scan of:

  • hull and superstructure
  • electrical system
  • mechanical system
  • shore power source

thermal image shows sediment in piping

This thermal image shows two overheating motor belt
components apparently due to misalignment.

Here's how infrared benefits you in marine applications:

  • allows the seller to document their vessels condition with infrared images
  • gives the buyer a pre-purchase inspection and infrared images for documentation which are not attainable with conventional marine inspection methods
  • provides insurance documentation
  • appraisal and damage assessments
  • correcting problems with power generation
  • locating water and moisture intrusion problems
  • assessment of the hulls condition for defects or faults
  • validates repairs for warranties and confirms repairs properly completed
  • assures electrical and mechanical systems are operating efficiently

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A Thermal Scan can offer you enhanced marine safety and the ability to prevent costly catastrophic offshore failures by detecting developing faults with critical systems. As part of an early detection system, ACE Thermal Imaging performs the scans with pinpoint accuracy and analyzes thermal images to rapidly identify component and system faults that cannot be seen with the naked eye. An inexpensive review using advanced infrared technology can provide a large return for your very expensive investment.

The knowledge you will gain from an infrared marine inspection is a view of your vessel as you have probably never experienced. Infrared provides a thermal image of your vessel and allows for a quick and accurate survey of its condition - structurally and mechanically. Infrared technology in marine applications gives you another level of information to assure safety on the water. It allows for efficient predictive maintenance procedures. Be safe. Insure your loved ones and passengersí safety with an infrared marine inspection. The costs are low and a vessel under 100 feet typically takes a few hours to complete. Larger vessels, marinas and terminal facilities usually require more time for a complete infrared inspection. Your infrared marine survey will include a comprehensive full color report with all necessary recommendations noted.

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